Status Title Type
Open Smash 1v1: WiiU Solo
Open League of Legends 2015 Team
Open Super Smash Bros. Melee Solo
Open Super Smash Bros. Wii U Solo
Open Overwatch 2017 Team
Open Smash 1v1: Melee Solo
Open Hearthstone 2017 Solo
Closed Rocket League Team
Closed CS:GO 2017 Team
Finished Hearthstone Solo
Finished Super Smash Melee Trøndelan 2015 Solo
Finished Super Smash 4 Trøndelan 2015 Solo
Finished CS:GO 2015 Team
Finished Overwatch 2016 Team
Finished Hearthstone 2016 Solo
Finished League of Legends 2016 Team
Finished CS:GO 2016 Team
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