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30/06/2015 12:14

To improve the user experience of, we have performed a one time copy of the user database. Note that the databases are not linked in any way, so changes made to your account on this site will not affect your account on and vice versa.


TrøndeLAN vs. StudLAN

29/06/2015 21:37

TrøndeLAN is Casual Gaming's public LAN party in Trondheim. We have been hosting StudLAN for NTNU students for many years, and will continiue to do so in the forseeable future. Our wish is that TrøndeLAN will be to the people of Trondheim what StudLAN is to the students of NTNU, a great LAN party.

TrøndeLAN 2015

29/06/2015 21:34

Sign up and ticket sales have now opened for TrøndeLAN 2015. The LAN party will take place the 9th of October in Autronicahallen. For more info, see this link.


Welcome to Trø

28/06/2015 22:54

Our website is finally renovated, and we can start giving out info about TrøndeLAN 2015. Ticket purchases, seat reservation and sign up for competitions is handled by this page. Information will appear both here and on Facebook. Stay tuned!