Trøndelan 2016

10/07/2016 13:38

Sign up and ticket sales have now opened for TrøndeLAN 2016. The LAN party will take place the 21st of October in Autronicahallen. For more info, see this link.


Prices are being sent Wednesday 14th!

12/10/2015 11:12

All prizes are now registered and will be processed wednesday 14th, congratulations to all winners!

CSGO Compo

10/10/2015 06:39 RagePlay 5000,- 2nd. JBS 3000,- 3rd. HCSK 1000,-



A list to keep in mind when going to TrøndeLAN

09/10/2015 02:11

We've made a short list of things we recommend you bring along with you tomorrow, and also a few rules for you to follow. Here's the list:

• TP Cable (10-15m)

• Money/debit card to pay for

  • Tickets if you haven't prepaid

  • Food, drinks and snacks in the kiosk

• Gaming equipment

• Sleeping bag, pillow, slippers/woolen socks, stuff for personal hygiene

And here are the rules:

• This is a drug free event. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on-site. This also includes the parking area.

• Sleeping outside of designated sleeping areas will not be permitted.

• Any electronic equipment aside from your PC and necessary equipment is prohibited. Leave your electric kettle, minifridge and/or other major appliances at home.

• Attendees are required to follow instructions from the Casual Gaming crew members.

• Common decency will be enforced by the crew.

• Breaking any of these rules may result in expulsion and/or being banned from the event.

Seat reservation

08/10/2015 14:54

We would like to remind you all the seat reservation will close today at midnight. If you have not bought a ticket and reserved a seat by this time, you will not be able to do so before the LAN starts.



06/10/2015 11:20

Updated prices, now cheaper energy drinks

These are the prices at the kiosk on TrøndeLan 2015. Changes may incur.


Energy drink 20,-

Cola 30,-

Pizza (diff. types Grandiosa, also gluten free)

-Quarter 25,-

-Half 35,-

-Whole 60,-

Chili con carne 40,-

Toast 15,-

Coffee 5,-

Digital Impuls with booth

05/10/2015 13:11

This year Digital Impuls will join us at the lan! They will be selling components and other gear. They will also have a showcase with costumized watercooled computers. You will also have the opportunity to have a chat with them.


Competition Plan

01/10/2015 15:31

We've finally managed to project an expected tournament plan, and the start times are as follows:

Friday 09. October:

18:00 LAN Start!
19:00 Super Smash Bros. Melee
20:00 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
21:00 League of Legends

Saturday 10. October:

14:00 Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. Wii U
17:00 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
22:00 Finals League of Legends
02:00 Prize ceremony

Sunday 11. October

10:00 Unclaimed prizes can be claimed

Alongside these competitions, we encourage you to suggest us more activities at our Crew-area and we'll try to make it happen!

We reserve the rights to change the timetable and the duration of the competitions, but these are the guidlines for the time being

Prize pool TrøndeLAN 2015

29/08/2015 11:01

We are happy to announce the prize pools for our three main competitions. CS:GO, LoL and the Smash games will have a combined prize pool of more than 27.000kr! We will announce even more competitions within the next few weeks.


Casual Gaming looking for new crew members!

20/08/2015 15:41

CaG is a non-profit studentorganiation that arranges social gaming evenings for students like LAN parties, boardgames and consoleevenings. It is the crew that among others has to coordinate the events, take care of the students well-being and manages everything technical during the event.

If you found this interesting, feel free to apply!

Send a short application to