StarCraft II

Solo Participants 7


1st place: 1 000kr

2nd place: 500kr

3rd place: 300kr


  • Double elimination
  • Bo3 until finals and bronze-finals
  • Bo5 during finals and bronze-finals
  • You may not change race during the tournament
  • Map pool is the current ladder maps


  • Player A and Player B are chosen based on who is on the top of the bracket
  • PlayerA vetoes a map
  • Player B vetoes two maps
  • Player A vetoes a map
  • Player B chooses the map for the followed by Player A choosing the 2nd map
  • The last map is for game 3 (For Bo5, it works in similar order, except theres 2 bans and 4 picks, the last map being the remainder)

Each round

  • All rounds are played in the venue! Fail to submit to this is viewed as cheating, resulting in a ban from the current- as well as future- events.
  • With accidentaly disconnect, each player will agree whether to reload a replay or simply by starting a new match
    • If agreement cannot be met, the tournament supervisor must be contacted to decide on the appropriate action
  • If player A suspects that player B is cheating in any way, this must be proved through a replay

  • General competition rules apply.

  • To disconnect on puprose results in immediate disqualification